Friendly XI vs Willow Match Report 21/05

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After what has been frustrating week for Cricket with weather either hampering or cancelling the Long Itchington fixtures for the U15’s and the 2nds. The juniors were itching for the opportunity to play.


Groundsman Graham was out there most of the morning to make sure the usual high standard of LI wicket was available for what turned out to be a lovely summers afternoon.


Once again Perksy was more than willing to give the great opportunity for the junior section players to have a go on a Sunday, Ollie Carrington, George Riley, Freddie Hart, and Aaron Sutcliffe all had the usual great support from Snr. members Zach, Greavesy, Rishi, Arif, and George Bostock.


Long Itch won the toss and Perksy put Willow into bat. Willow passed an inquisitive comment about were we struggling for players? “As there are a lot more juniors than we normally see at Long Itchington”. The suspicious ones among us could suggest that may have been a Macbeth moment for the Willow team, who themselves have had challenges to get a Sunday side, so much so they had even taken on the novel approach of using Gumtree to try and attract players, rather than cancel the game, our thanks go to skipper Matt Cottle for ensuring the fixture went ahead today!


With George Riley donning the WK gloves for only his second time in an adults’ game, he didn’t have to wait long for opening bowler Arif (some may say that’s unusual.) Arif made a real tidy start with 4 maidens in his first spell and only going for 7 Runs. From the other end Aaron started the junior attack, and rearranged the furniture twice in his spell and finished 4-0-13-2. Next skipper threw the ball to Ollie Carrington in his adult game debut, Ollie tactfully mixed up his deliveries and put the Willow batsmen under pressure from the off, he started with a maiden, then took a wicket in his next three overs. Two clean bowled and a catch. Skipper Tom took the catch, no pressure there Tom as Oliver’s u15’s coach?


Rishi took over the delivery baton from Arif at the other end and took a further 2 wickets in his spell. George saw the opportunity and pounced on one of the deliveries from Rishi and stumped the swash buckling willow batsman, sending him back to the hutch.

Zach did a solid job protecting the boundary, after Ollie’s initial spell of 4 overs, Freddie Hart stepped up and kept all his deliveries on the money, and kept Willow from running up the score board. George Bostock making his return to the club continued the solid bowling attack with 3-1-7-1. Freddie took a superb catch from one of George’s deliveries, which saw Freddie take the high ball from over his head whilst sprinting towards the boundary (IPL stuff!). Ollie returned for his second spell and taking Willows final wicket. Ollie was duly clapped first off the field as man of the innings. Willow finished on 122 for 9.


As tea wasn’t quite ready due to an absconded tin opener, the skippers agreed to play on

A varied bowling attack, from Willow during the first 10 overs saw LI 23 without loss at tea on the 10th over.


Thanks to Alex whom did a great Job on tea duty.


Zach and Aaron returned to the crease but Aaron was triggered 3 overs later by Rishi on a half hearted LBW appeal from Willow, out walked the in form u15’s bat, George Riley who quickly put 14 on the board off 13 balls with 3 great 4’s before being caught. Freddie was next and set about a steady total of 14 with a superb 4 before making the wrong call on a miss field, and unfortunately ran himself out.  Zach was enjoying his time in the middle and providing great advice and encouragement to the young batsmen, he hit a brilliant 6 that he sent like an exocet straight over the head of the bowler and was undoubtedly destined for the river had it not hit the top middle of the sightscreen. As Ollie was busy getting his homework completed in the club house George was sent out after Freddie, and Greavesy was enjoying the sun and lapping up the thought that he may not be called to arms today as Zach was doing a good job in the middle, that may have well being our Macbeth moment as Zach was then stumped, finishing on a respectable 41. Grevesey headed out to the middle and assisted George in finishing great day, George 16NO Grevesey 6 NO.



  • Selfless play by the skipper and great guidance and encouragement to the Juniors.
  • Ollie Carrington solid adult debut taking 4 wickets: 7-1-32-4 and setting a fine example to the Jnrs. In completing his homework ahead of padding up!
  • George Riley great work behind the stumps and batting strong.
  • Freddie Hart 4-1-9-0 and a superb catch.
  • Aaron 4-0-13-2 and good opening spell with the bat.
  • George Bostock’s return to LI. 3-1-7-1
  • Zach’s fizzing 6, then jug avoidance tactics.
  • Rishi paying his Subs, and 6-0-35-2.
  • Arif arriving on time, and 7-4-13-0.
  • Alex securing a tin opener.
  • Grevesey great turn of pace at the score board
  • Toms sun burn.
  • This week’s weather forecast.

Full Scorecard


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