Get your coordinate as per numerology

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Get your cope with according to your date-mark of birth and the number you

Numerology is one of the ways where buttoned up numerals we can try and understand busyness behaviorism Thither is a simple way to cipher your. soul act You just birth to add your date — e.g., if a somebody is innate on Feb 22, add 2+2=4. His/her soul act is 4. Knowledgeable your soul act can help you find your zodiac sympathy


Ruled by satellite Old sol

Form and disciplined character hard bicephalous with pilot outlooks Normally has an air of authority.

Innate on 1, 10, 19 and 28; Congenial with 2, 3 and 9

Hither act 2 normally deeds care a disciple Act 1’s always command them. Act 3 can be a friend and teacher and can aid with decision-making. Act 9 are ideal sharers and boon companion They birth estimable get-up-and-go levels and convey profitableness

Act 2

Ruled by Satellite Daydream

Pretty and bid by attribute esthetic and romanticist

Innate on 2, 11, 2 0 and 29; Congenial with 1, 3 and 2

Act 1’s are supportive of 2’s, and can be a estimable champion and a draw Act 3 are not fair boon companion but also philosophers to 2. They always consecrate estimable information and can share a good hamper on a spiritual or philosophical storey with act 2s.

Act 3

Ruled by Jupiter

Unearthly and well-disposed disciplined and self-centred They are main boldface and difficult working

Innate on 3, 12, 21 and 30; Congenial with 1, 2 and 9

If you are a first, you are as ambitious as a act 3. Both buoy do their concepts good Act 3’s and 1’s are authoritative and disciplined. So, they buoy accept any kind of relationship. It always essay reciprocally good Act 2’s are static, but 3’s are active. They buoy see 2’s alright, and can be good animation or patronage sharers Act 9 birth estimable organizational talents and are difficult working also The wisdom of 3’s and the get-up-and-go of 9’s essay acknowledged in any relationship. Act 3’s always essay prosperous for 9’s.

Act 4

Ruled by Rahu

Close and insubordinate character madcap and hotheaded attribute They look haunt ups and downs in life.

Innate on 4, 13, 22 and 31; Congenial with 5, 7 and 8.

Annul partnerships of any form with act 5, as they micturate bettor boon companion than animation sharers Act 7 can be estimable boon companion patronage sharers and life sharers Act 8’s are calm and peaceful, but are insubordinate as good They care to help others. Essentially 8’s aid 4’s for grounding and channelising their extremum levels of get-up-and-go So, it’s always advantageous for 4’s to choice 8’s for marriage, patronage and amity

Act 5

Ruled by Quicksilver

Noetic and amusing characters Their intellects are always intermeshed in any opinion and have a highly strung attribute

Innate on 5, 14 and 23; Congenial with 1, 4 and 6

First carrys lot and social prominence to act 5’s, but don’t bring estimable animation sharers Act 5’s birth note talents but don’t birth that force but with the help and strength of 1’s and the noetic judgement of 5’s both buoy be successful in business also as friendship. Act 4’s are not complete animation sharers but can be good boon companion Act 6 are tender and loving, they aid 5’s to get rid of their uneasiness Act 6 conveniences 5 alright. So 6’s are compatible for any kinda accord with act 5’s.

Act 6

Ruled by Urania

Well mannered and tactful human beings but know how to control Ninety-seven dull and sultry as good romanticist inside.

Innate on 6, 15 and 24; Congenial with 4, 5 and 8

4’s are proportionate however they are never fix to accept any suggestions from each over-the-counter They draws each over-the-counter good so they buoy be good boon companion however not partners. Act 5 labours as counselor for 6. When ever 6’s get uneasy 5’s see and cocker spaniel them. They buoy be good patronage sharers also boon companion Act 8 are beneficial to 6’s for business risks Calmness and noetic 8’s control the socialization english of 6’s and introduce them to spiritualty as good

Act 7

Ruled by Ketu

Imaginative and nonrational character Occasionally they fact occult and live a dreamy animation They are prostrate to temper sways and can be disruptive.

Innate on 7, 16 and 25; Congenial with 1, 2 and 9

Act 1’s are punctual and disciplined, who bring advance in 7’s in patronage partnerships. Act 1’s address the government english and even 7’s fix to accept the dominating attribute of 1’s. Act 2 can be estimable followings of 7’s. Their amity goes good without whatever confidences Eve matrimony labours good for both. But in patronage company 2’s and 7’s are not good entrepreneurs. So, they buoy bear losings Act 9’s learn pragmatic concepts to 7’s patch 7’s adject excess sizes to 8’s. So they are both interdependent to each over-the-counter Their outlooks almost spiritualty is different, but they can be estimable boon companion Almost matrimony mates who are 9’s and wives who are 7’s buoy be a estimable compounding but not in reverse.

Act 8

Ruled by Saturn, Noetic however Egoistical

Difficult working and visionary human beings largely misunderstood by others.

Innate on 8, 17 and 26; congenial With 1 and 2

Numerals 1 and 8’s are exactly opposition That’s reason they appeal each over-the-counter Act 1’s presents estimable get-up-and-go blessedness and intake to 8’s . Act 8’s don’t acknowledge the rules and regulations, imposed by act 1’s. That’s the but cause they buoy gallery by Unluckily their patronage or life partnerships don’t cobblestone for longsight Act 1’s are still estimable for amity and romance for 8’s as they convey a vibrancy to their animation Act 2 are good as verbal enthusiasts to 8’s. Not meant for long terminus patronage partnerships, but periodic connection buoy convey them estimable almighty dollar Matrimony between them is intermediate

Act 9

Ruled by Damages

Hard and scratchy purist with a incisive attribute and short toughness

Innate on 9, 18 and 27; congenial with 1, 4 and 5

Act 1’s are helpful and good for 9’s. They are a good cope with for patronage animation and amity A long-term accord is better avoided with a act 4, as they are opposite of 9’s. Act 5’s act neutral in relation to 9, but together father estimable get-up-and-go They buoy exercise as estimable fellows

This is how numbers aid you get congenial sharers

(Inputs from Mandaar, Astrologist Numerologist and Wiccan)

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